I treat all ages, from young at hearts....I am a Chartered Physiotherapist based at Malvern College Sports Complex with over 25 years experience and will work with you, to help you recover after injury or illness.  If you have pain that started without a specific injury, gradually increasing, I will help you identify what the problem is and work with you to resolve it.

I use a combination of therapeutic techniques and advice to help your injured tissue recover more quickly.  Working with you, I will help you to stretch, mobilise and strengthen your joints, soft tissue and muscles, correcting imbalances that may have occurred.  I work with the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

An important part of my treatment is teaching you how to treat yourself and how to prevent the problem re-occurring.

I am based at Malvern College Sports complex,and have the full use of the fantastic facilities for my patients. I treat young and old (and in between!) from across the community.

You can be referred to me by your GP, hospital consultant, or you can refer yourself.  If you have Health Insurance you need to check with your insurance company regarding referral.

I am a BUPA and AXAPPP provider and covered by most health insurances.

Physiotherapy Clinic at Malvern College Sports Complex, Woodshears Road, Malvern WR14 3EP

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